Northern Europe

Thinking about travelling in Northern Europe or taking your holidays or vacation in Northern Europe then you will need to know what to expect from the weather. The Weather In shows you what it’s like now and what the climate is usually like in many regions across Northern Europe. The Weather In also tells you about great events and activities to see whilst you are there, whether that is in Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring.

Mostly made up mostly of Baltic Countries these days Northern Europe used to be every country that wasn’t around the Mediterranean. We have also decided to include the UK and Ireland in the Western Europe page as that is the way that tourism industry tends to view them. Climate in Northern Europe ; Northern European countries are known for harsh winters. They can be cold and have lots of snow so pack well.

Weather for Stockholm
Today 27/05/2018 28/05/2018 29/05/2018
It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM CEST on May 26, 2018
It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM CEST on May 27, 2018
It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM CEST on May 28, 2018
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 7:00 PM CEST on May 29, 2018
Partly Cloudy

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• Denmark
• Estonia
• Faroe Islands
• Finland
• Guernsey
• Iceland
• Isle of Man
• Jersey
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Norway
• Svalbard and Jan Mayen
• Sweden

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