There are few more scenic spots on earth than the southern coast of France, and the second-largest city on that coast, Nice, is a sight to behold at any time of the year. It has a Mediterranean climate, enjoying mild temperatures throughout much of the year. The summers in Nice are warm, sunny, and dry, while the rainfall mainly comes in the winter months. The winter seasons are variable, either mild and dry or chilly and rainy, so be mindful of that unpredictability when packing.

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Warm, lush days are a premium during the summer months in Nice, the fifth largest city in France, and is a perfect time to visit this thriving coastal area in Southern France.

The average mean temperature during summer in Nice is an overnight low of 18.5C (65F), while the daytime high is a beautiful 26.5C (80F)

Summer in Nice is a time for many visitors to flock to this classic French city for the beaches and the beautiful opportunities for sightseeing in ideal weather. It is easy to walk quickly around the compact city, so arm yourself with a camera and wander the many famous plazas and squares, like Place Massena, the central square of the city where most major streets lead, especially in the summertime where it hosts major public events for visitors and locals, like the Bastille Day celebration on July 14th. Also visit the Place Garibaldi, which works as a crossroads for the city center and the Old town area. An unusual but beautiful sightseeing spot in the city is St. Nicolas Cathedral, a Russian orthodox church built for the son of Czar Nicholas II. One of the most popular places to enjoy the summer sun is the Promenade des Anglais, a beautiful stretch of boulevard along the “Bay of the Angels” coastline. To cool off on the warmer days of summer, many tourists stop into Nice’s Modern Art Museum for some cultural fun. For some outdoor musical entertainment, don’t miss the Prom Party, an ongoing festival during July and August that features seven stages along the Promenade, sporting all different types of music, from jazz to rock.


Autumn in Nice remain warm and pleasant, although the sun begins to fade into clouds and rain in October. The weather is still tolerable, and tourism is still popular in these months.

The average mean temperature of autumn is an overnight low of 13C (55F) and the daytime high is still a comfortable 20.5C (69F).

If you choose to visit this coastal marvel in autumn, expect to balance your time between indoor and outdoor activities. For a wander outside the city proper, take a day and explore Colline du Chateau, a country castle on the beautiful slopes of Mont Boron. Another nearby mountain destination is Mont Gros, where you can see the Biscoffsheim cupola on top of the Nice Observatory, as well as a stunning view of the city. Autumn in Nice is also full of activities in the city itself, don’t miss the scenic Cours Saleya, the most traditional main square of the city, notable for it’s large flower market and great local cuisine at the many restaurants. Following in that same vein, visit the Place du Palais and see stunning examples of Nician architecture as well as home to Rusca Palace. For some indoor relief, get your seasonal fill of art at the Musee Matisse, one of the world’s finest collections of that French master’s work.


As winter descends on Nice, the weather turns slightly colder, but tolerable, and the rain remains at average of 6 days per month, similar to autumn. The tourists will still fill the city, but in smaller numbers, so you can enjoy the sights of Nice in slightly less crowded settings.

The average mean temperature during winter in Nice is an overnight low of 6C (43F) and a daytime high of 13.5C (56F).

The winter in Nice presents a unique opportunity for visitors to see a different side of the city. The Italianate Opera house in the city always has an exciting season of performances for those with a taste for musical culture, and winter also gives visitors the chance to take part in Europe’s largest “Carnival” take place in Nice for three weeks in February and March. For your artistic tastes, spend an afternoon in the stunning hallways of the Marc Chagall Museum, the finest collection of his exquisite paintings anywhere in the world. If you are combining a trip to Nice with other areas of the coast, consider purchasing a French Riviera Pass during your trip, a way to save money and give you easy access to a number of events and sights throughout the season. Try your luck while escaping the chill or rain of winter at Nice’s Casino Ruhl, or brave the elements and take the scenic walk up Castle Hill, one of the most popular hikes in the city.


Spring in the French Riviera is just about the nicest time of year in one of the most beautiful places in the world. March has an occasional hangover of rain from the winter, but the spring dries out and warms up nicely in April and May.

The average mean temperature of Nice in spring is an overnight low of 10.5C (51F) and a daytime high of 17.5C (64F)

The spring season is a very popular choice with tourists, and the number of attractions and season-specific activities fill the season with excitement. The Parc Phoenix is arguably at its’ finest, so spend an afternoon walking in a range of exotic flora from seven different tropic climates. In April, the Nice Half-Marathon is a fun way to participate in a local activity that is slightly more accessible for more people than a full marathon. The Musee des Beaux-Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) always has impressive new exhibitions in the spring, and a visit to the Museum of Art and History in the Place Massena is also the grounds for a lovely afternoon of artistic wonder. Spring in Nice is the perfect time to get away from the city for a day in spring can also be a lot fun, so take the train to Merveilles, and enjoy the scenery of the Alps and lush hiking routes around the alpine village. Finally, soak up the musical scene in Nice with a performance by the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra.

Whatever you choose to do, and whenever you choose to do it, Nice has something for everyone that will make your vacation the trip of a lifetime.

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