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Los Angeles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and has a laundry list of world-renowned monuments, museums, parks, and sightseeing spots that draw millions of visitors each year. The climate in Los Angeles (also commonly called L.A.) is classified as subtropical Mediterranean, so it maintains warm to hot temperatures throughout the year, with only about 35 days of annual rainfall, the heaviest being during the winter and early spring. Los Angeles is the site of a rare climate anomaly called a microclimate. Due to a number of environmental factors, two places in very close proximity, sometimes only a handful of miles, are subject to drastically different temperatures. Sometimes, there can be a change of 15-20 degrees within less than twenty miles as you travel inland in the Los Angeles area.

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Los Angeles, Skyscrapers, Grand Ave and 3rd Ave.

Los Angeles, Skyscrapers, Grand Ave and 3rd Ave.


One of the most beautiful times of the year in Los Angeles is the summer season, one of the biggest reasons why L.A. is one of the beach capitals of California, and a destination for people from all over the world once the weather heats up. Expect less than one day per month of rainfall during the summer months and the temperature to typically stay warm 24 hours a day.

The average mean temperature during summer in Los Angeles is an overnight low of 18C (64F), climbing to a daytime high of 27.5C (81.5F).

Summer in Los Angeles is a time for beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, and beautiful people. Every summer, this global destination has hundreds of exciting events and activities to entertain the massive influx of tourists and the locals who flood the streets to soak up the best sunshine of the year. First and foremost, camp out for an afternoon or two on one of the world-famous beaches of Los Angeles. Venice Beach is a favorite for a hip, artistic crowd, street performers, and counterculture feel, while Manhattan Beach is the place for shiny cars, watches, and people, including the celebrities who often film television shows and movies on that stretch of beach. After getting bronzed on the beach, pad your wardrobe with some serious shopping at Rodeo Drive, or just people watch and scan the crowds for celebrities, you just might find one! While you are in the area, take a quick walk over to Anderson Court, the only shopping mall that legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed in his career. If you have children, then a trip to Los Angeles is usually tied in with a trip to visit Disneyland, so set a few days aside to properly explore and enjoy this ever-growing attraction outside of Los Angeles in Anaheim. When you make it back from the exhausting fun of Disneyland, you’ll probably need a break, so take in a professional baseball game with the family. You’ll have to choose between the Angels and the Dodgers, so pick your team carefully. For those younger tourists who want to get a real celeb-spotting experience at an LA club, there are countless to choose from. Hollywood Boulevard is packed with various clubs like the rooftop party at Kress, check out the small and exclusive Hyde Lounge on the Sunset Strip, or go hunting to find The Hideout, hidden in a random alley off the Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Monica and Malibu.

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles


Autumn in Los Angeles shows a slight change from summer, in that the temperature drops slightly and the rain becomes slightly more frequent, averaging 2 days per month. Despite these changes in the climate, the autumn remains a lovely time to visit Los Angeles, and the weather is pleasant enough for almost any activity you can think of.

The average mean temperature of autumn in Los Angeles is an overnight low of 15C (59F) while reaching a daytime high of 26C (79F).

The tourist season regularly runs over into the autumn, particularly since the crowds slightly lessen, yet the weather remains comfortable, warm, and relatively dry. The best part about visiting during autumn in Los Angeles is the number of interesting festivals and season-specific events. Kids will love the LA County Fair, which stretches for four weeks during the autumn, and is filled with entertainment, food, rides, pig races, educational exhibits, and a lot more! If you’re traveling at the end of September, you can’t miss the Feast of San Gennaro, a huge Italian celebration of fun, live entertainment, and more Italian food than you could even dream of eating. If you prefer seafood to Stromboli, you can enjoy one of the three different lobster festivals that take place in L.A. during September, and if all you really want is a sausage and some beer, wait until October to join in the raucous festivities of Oktoberfest which are celebrated throughout the city during that month. Autumn in Los Angeles is often visitors’ favorite time to check out some of the more famous sightseeing spots because the crowds have diminished since the crush of summer. Take a more leisurely stroll to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the site of hundreds of major premieres and galas. Also, the star-studded path that leads out of the pagoda is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Keep your eyes on the ground and find the stars of your favorite celebrities for a cool picture! At the end of the autumnal season, the corner of Pershing Square in downtown LA is frozen into an ice rink. Even though you are in California, you can still get excited for the winter/holiday season with some ice skating for your family.


As winter in Los Angeles sets in, the crowds continue to diminish, and while the temperature dips, it remains warm and comfortable through most of the winter days, although the evenings can get slightly cooler. If Los Angeles can be said to have a rainy season, winter is it, and visitors should expect about 6 days of rainfall every month.

The average mean temperature for winter in Los Angeles is an overnight low of 10C (50F) and a daytime high at a still comfortable 20C (68F).

Although winter in Los Angeles is not cold, it is still a good time to enjoy some of the indoor activities that the city has to offer. L.A. is considered one of the centers of the arts in the world, and as such, the artistic offerings of the city are exceptional. Spend an afternoon walking around The Getty Center, one of the finest collections of art in America, which includes work by Rubens, Gainsborough, Miro, Monet and Van Gogh. If that wasn’t enough for you, check out the massive collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA), the largest museum in the western United States. For some winter fun in slightly warm weather, take the family to The Grove in the evening during December. It “snows” twice a night at this popular spot, filled with shopping, a huge Farmers Market, boutique restaurants and bars, and an IMAX theatre. As the winter season progresses, ice rinks pop up all over the city, one of the coolest being at the Queen Mary, where there are ice sculptures, a rink, and an icy mountain for tubing! The winter spirits is all well and good, but remember, the weather is fine for outdoor activities during the day. Hike to the unmistakable Watts Towers, an urban art anomaly of 17 towers created completely out of junk and commercial material on steel frames. It is a fascinating installation that is worth the walk. Also, if you want to get in some sports during your winter trip, take a day out for Mt. Baldy, the snow-capped mountain you can see in the distance from L.A. You can ski, snowboard, sled, or have a snowball fight and truly get into the winter spirit on the west coast. Lastly, if you want to get a chance to be on TV during your vacation, try and get tickets for a taping of a show! Many shows shoot in Los Angeles and tickets are always free. Choose your favorite, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or many others for your chance to be a part of television history!

evening at Griffith Observatory weather in los angeles

Evening at Griffith Observatory


The spring season is a beautiful time in Southern California, and spring in Los Angeles is no exception. The weather begins to warm back up from the slight decline in winter, and the rain slackens off in preparation for the “dry” season of summer.

The average mean temperature during spring in Los Angeles is an overnight low of 13C (55F) and it reaches a daytime average high of 22.5C (73F).

Spring in Los Angeles means the blooming of new life and a new year to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. Begin your spring adventure in March at the Descanso Gardens for the annual celebration of the Cherry Blossoms, a Japanese tradition that has spread throughout the world. The Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles is another neat monthly activity in spring, and is a chance to check out both new and established artists in many of the galleries spread throughout the famous Gallery Row. For many who come to Los Angeles to spot some celebrities, springs is an optimal time for sightings, but go off the beaten track to areas like Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and Malibu. You can enjoy plenty of fine dining, great shopping, and the beach, while still being in prime locations to spot your favorite star on the go. Many of those celebrities got their name through Hollywood, so maybe the behind the scenes Studio Tour of Universal Studios is your way to feel connected to the stars of film and TV. The tours give you a real sneak peek at the world’s most famous back lot! After seeing the details of Hollywood up close, maybe take a walk to find some perspective. The iconic Hollywood sign is a popular destination for hikers, and the picture that you get after making the moderate climb is well worth the effort. Finally, before you leave the City of Angels, take a final, sunset drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, from Santa Monica to Zuma Beach. That stretch of ocean-hugging road is one of the most beautiful in the country.

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