The climate in France is as varied as the geography…coastal, continental, mountainous and Mediterranean.  The climate in France on average is temperate, however on any given day it can vary from the East to the West and between the North and South, especially in the Loire region.
France enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year being not too hot and not too cold, with a thick mix of rainfall and sunshine. Naturally, every region has its own particular climate: cooler and wetter to the north and west and warmer and drier in the Mediterranean. The Capital of France is Paris.

Weather for Paris
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It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM CEST on May 26, 2018
It is forcast to be Chance of a Thunderstorm at 7:00 PM CEST on May 27, 2018
Chance of a Thunderstorm
It is forcast to be Thunderstorm at 7:00 PM CEST on May 28, 2018
It is forcast to be Chance of a Thunderstorm at 7:00 PM CEST on May 29, 2018
Chance of a Thunderstorm

In winter, there is plenty of snow in the mountains for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy. Snow falls more rarely on the plains, mainly north of the Loire, and rarely in Paris.

In spring, daily temperatures start to rise above 20°C in the south, with the first swimmers appearing on the beaches in Nice and Cannes. From May onwards the whole of France put on a tee-shirt, put away the winter clothes and welcome the days lengthening. It’s time to take a trip into the countryside and enjoy some wine in the vineyards.

Summers are hot and peaceful, the sun shining across the whole country. There are temperatures to suit everyone: often reaching 30°C in Marseille and other areas around the Mediterranean.  Temperatures hit 25°C in Brest and Deauville on the English Channel region. People work on their tans and swarm the beaches. It’s the perfect time to go for a hike in the mountains or explore the many various regions of France.

Autumn marks the return of the rain, with the weather turning cooler as Christmas approaches. All across the country, the trees begin to show off their new colours. Hikers go out a little more wrapped up and the days start getting shorter. Pack a jumper or jacket for those cooler times.

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